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Outstanding support for those recovering from heart related issues. Small gym with separate heart exercise gym. They have plenty of social events for fund raising. Outstanding team here. The fact this place exists is exactly what Wolverhampton needs following any time at New Cross of which this place has an affiliation with for your time spent in the heart and lung unit. You never know what is around the corner and I am one who is grateful for this place and helping me improve following my issues. Get on board with this charity please.
Mark D
I would just like to thank you for all the work you have put into setting up the rehab gym. I enjoy attending the centre due to its friendly atmosphere and the encouragement from instructors and other users. It is so much more than just a gym, it is a genuinely caring community. The strength classes are challenging and the participants all bond due to the “encouragement “ of Alice and Brody . We achieve far more than we would on our own. I would also like to say how much I enjoy Ruby's company. She is a good distraction from ourselves and usually provides an enthusiastic welcome.
Rebecca M
It is difficult to adequately convey the enormous physical and mental benefits I have derived from attending Have-a-Heart. The staff - Chris, Jen, Alice, Brody and Adrian are all clearly experts in their field of exercise physiology. They all, in addition, radiate kindness, enthusiasm, care and patience and clearly work together as a cohesive team for the benefit of every patient. The venue is comfortable and welcoming and equipped with top quality gym machinery. Every patient attending will have had some form of cardio-ascular problems. After treatment, prophylactic exercise is usually strongly advised. I was extremely apprehensive to do this for fear of triggering further angina. My fears were groundless. Under the direction and discreet supervision by one of the staff even quite challenging strength exercise has become a pleasure, almost an addiction. If you are considering joining Have-a-Heart, please give it a try. You will not be disappointed and it may well save your life and improve your sanity. It represents the best value for money imaginable. Donations to this life saving charity always welcome.
George S
To everybody - would you like a wheelchair? Are you keen on crutches? Do people look at you and think - or worse than that, DO THEY SAY you're old & incapable? How does life feel after your "procedure"? Well that defeatist vision, that's not me! I want a new lease of life! So, let's turn the clock back and get fit! Now I don't think it's about climbing the North Face, or even Snowdon again, but with good gym machines, why not give those 40 year old kids a run for their money, and overtake them? YES - it's possible!! Come down to the Wolverhampton Coronary Aftercare Support Group and there are people there who will show you how! Come and get fit with the right company & plenty of encouragement! You can do it! You know you want to! Come and give Cupid a run for his money!
Brian R
Caring, professional people and a good atmosphere
Steve P
This impressive facility comes highly recommended for anyone on the path to recovery due to heart related health issues. Professionally run by knowledgeable, qualified staff who understand the varied needs of individuals & working with them in an encouraging, cheerful manner, without any pressure & at a level most appropriate for each patient's needs, abilites & preferences also, whilst, for safety & reassurance purposes, monitoring the impact of exercise upon their heart. Extensive choice of exercise classes & therapies in a spacious, clean, pleasant environment, which includes the well equipped gym. ❤
Pam U
Having been discharged from hospital just as lockdown started in 2020 , I assumed that any aftercare was not available, but Chris sent a fitness video via YouTube and I was able to exercise at my own pace, which had to be fairly gentle as I was quite weak after 22 days in hospital, I now go to the facility at Salisbury Street and I look forward to going twice weekly, everyone is so very friendly and we are taken very good care of. The team do a remarkable job and I am very grateful!
Terry B
Manju P
Lyn B

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